Every two years, the Houston Police Department reassigns Captains to new patrol divisions as a way to expose officers to different roles and responsibilities. Last month, the two Captains in charge of the South Gessner and Southwest Patrol Divisions were re-assigned to new Divisions. HPD announced Captain Bob Robertson will take over the South Gessner Division, which patrols the Brays Oaks area and Gulfton areas and Captain Tad Pando will be over the Southwest Division, which patrols the remainder of District K.

Captain Bob Robertson is a 30 year veteran of the Houston Police Department. He has served in various patrol divisions along with Internal Affairs, Night Command, Emergency Communications and Human Resources. His last assignment was with the Air Support Division.

Captain Octavio Pando has been with the Houston Police Department for 23 years. He has worked at several divisions throughout the department as an officer and as a sergeant. As a lieutenant, he was assigned to the Westside Division, the Central Division, and the Training Academy. As a captain, prior to arriving at his current assignment of Southwest Division, he was assigned to the Clear Lake Patrol Division and the Jail Division.

Council Member Green is pleased to welcome the Captains Robertson and Pando to District K, and wishes Captain Steven Spears and Captain Milton Martin good luck as they embark on their new assignments.

“I appreciate all that Captain Spears and Captain Martin have done to better the District K community,” states Council Member Green. “I’m looking forward to a proactive relationship with both Captains in their new positions with special attention given to the community’s needs and concerns.”