The Vision

We envision Five Corners Management District to be a well-planned, high-quality community, integrating urban and metropolitan commercial development to enhance the local economy, provide civic improvements, support the arts, and improve the quality of life for residents.

The thrust of the District is to promote a sense of place – a concept of identity that calls attention to the area’s unique attributes and their special value to the Greater Houston Metropolitan Region. By emphasizing these attributes, the District serves as a powerful advocate on matters related to public safety, business development, transportation planning, beautification and cultural promotion.

Throughout this effort, our mission is to provide a positive return on constituent investments, generating higher property values, a better quality of life, and successful businesses. Our Twelve-Year Plan provides a base level of services and improvements designed to achieve this by making the District safer and more attractive to residents, business owners, visitors, and consumers. It also provides the board with the ability to adapt to changing conditions and demands within the District and the community at large.

Download Service Plan (PDF 230K)