The Five Corners District has established a “Safe Zone” location for e-commerce at the Southwest HPD Sub-Station in partnership with the Brays Oaks District.

The Five Corners District (FCD), in a partnership with the Brays Oaks District (BOD) and the Houston Police Department, has established a Safe Zone location at the —– HPD Southwest Sub-Station where people can securely complete purchases of items they ordered on Craig’s List and similar websites.

Using a Safe Zone to complete a purchase in a police facility helps buyers avoid falling victim to the kind of scams and robberies that have occasionally taken place around the country where buyers expected to complete a private transaction with an online seller.

The HPD Safe Zone is marked by signage near the entrance to the sub-station and provides a location where individuals can conduct e-commerce transactions using cash, checks, and money orders of similar means.  “The location is in the view of the station’s video surveillance cameras. The FCD, BOD and HPD are pleased to provide these locations as an option for the use of residents and businesses in the District” says General Manager, Ben Brewer.

Brewer notes “that the Safe Zones are also just one of many innovative ideas that the FCD District’s Public Safety Committee discusses on a regular basis at their monthly public safety meetings. “The committee members are always looking for ways to develop policies and programs to make our community safer and once they find them, they are going to do everything they can to make it happen, says Brewer.”

The Southwest Sub-station is located at 13097 Nitida Street 77045.  A graphic of the Safe Zone signage is attached to this release.

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