Almeda Elementary

Jan. 13-21–PK (MOY) Assessments;
Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 20-Group Pictures/Life Touch;
Jan. 21-Grades 3-5 DLA Testing (Math);
Jan. 22-Grades 3-5 DLA Testing (Reading);
Jan. 23-Grades 3-5 Math Planning Session;
Jan. 26-Grade 4 DLA Writing; Grade 5 DLA Science;
Jan. 27-Reading Vertical Meeting;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:15 P.M.;
Feb. 9-13-Grades 1-2 High Frequency Test

Fondren Elementary

Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 20-23-A.S.A.P. Programs & Tutorials;
Jan. 23-Perfect Attendance Jam;
Jan. 26-30-A.S.A.P. Program & Tutorials;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:45 P.M.;
Feb. 2-6-A.S.A.P. Program & Tutorials 3:30-5:30 P.M.;
Feb. 9-13-A.S.A.P. Program & Tutorials

Grissom Elementary

Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 20-Tutorials (3:30-4:30 P.M.);
Jan. 21-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M.; Character Parade, no tutorials;
Jan. 22-Cubs Day, Leadership Literacy Night;
Jan. 23-College Day;
Jan. 26-27-Tutorials;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M.;
Jan. 29-Clubs Day;
Jan. 30-College Day

Hobby Elementary

Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center;
Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M., Professional Development;
Jan. 30-STEM Project: Nursery Rhyme Palooza: Costume Parade, Progress Reports;
Feb. 3-100th Day of School;
Feb. 6-Parent Meeting 8:30 A.M.;

Montgomery Elementary

Jan. 19-MLK Holiday;
Jan. 20-ELA Testing begins; Campus Tutorials,
Jan. 21– Campus Tutorials;
Jan. 22-NCUST visit;
Jan. 27-Campus Tutorials;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M.;
Jan. 30-ELA Testing Ends;
Feb. 2—Leukemia Campaign begins;
Feb. 3-Campus Tutorials,
Feb. 4-APTT Meeting 5:00-7:00 P.M.; Campus Tutorials;
Feb. 10-11-Campus Tutorials;
Feb. 13-Valentine Gift Exchange

Petersen Elementary

Jan. 19-MLK Holiday,
Jan. 21-27- District Level Assessments (Grades 3-5);
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M. Basketball Tournament at Reagan K-8 Center
Jan. 17 10:00 A.M. Petersen vs. McNamara;
Jan. 24 11:00 A.M. Peterson vs. Longfellow;
Jan 31 12 noon Petersen vs. Tinsley;
Feb. 14 11:00 A.M. Petersen vs. Valley West

Windsor Village Elementary

Jan. 19–MLK Holiday;
Jan. 20-DLA Testing;
Jan. 22–DLA Math (Grades 3-5);
Jan. 23-DLA Reading (Grades 3-5);
Jan.27-DLA Writing (Grade 4), Science (Grade 5);
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M. Dowling Middle School:
Jan. 19-MlK Holiday;
Jan. 21-Open House-Spring-Winter Expo;
Jan. 28-Early Dismissal;
Jan. 30-DMS Happy Hour;
Jan. 31-Dance Montage-Fine Arts;
Feb. 3-PTA Meeting;
Feb. 5-Faculty Meeting/SPAT Meeting;
Feb. 12-Murder Mystery Dinner;
Feb. 13-End of Cycle IV/Climate Survey