Happy New Year! We have begun a new year, and the Coalition is planning many events. Our first event is our Second Annual Awards Banquet January 24, 6:30 P.M., at the Fountain Life Center, 14065 S. Main at Hill-croft. If you have not al-ready done your RSVP, please do so before January 16. The price is $10.00 person. Please RSVP to endeauv@sbcglobal.net or call 713-433-4849.

We are planning several other events for the rest of the year. Please watch your e-mail for flyers, etc. Also, this year is an election year for mayor and city council members who will take office in 2016. Some at-large council members are term-limited, so now is the time to familiarize yourself with those at-large positions that will be open. If you have not registered to vote, it’s time to register. Voting is a right, not a privilege.

Lastly, I challenge each of you this year to volunteer in your community, in your civic club or homeowners association. Do not sit back and complain. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem because by doing nothing, you become part of the problem.

Until next month,
President of the South Houston Concerned Citizen’s Coalition