As a part of the District’s clean and green initiatives, the District has contracted with vendors who work to abate graffiti and litter in the District. The District also has a dedicated crew who report street light outages to CenterPoint. These initiatives not only help to keep the community cleaner and safer but they also help with civic pride and encourage businesses and residents not already participating in these efforts to do the same.

Graffiti Abatement

Since the beginning of the year another 274 sites were abated and over 1,277 sites since program inception in 2011. Thanks to all of our community partners who actively assist us in reporting incidents. We encourage all residents and businesses to join the effort in helping us eradicate graffiti from the District by reporting to 3-1-1 or going on-line to and reporting incidences via the “Submit an Issue” button on the home page. We are also working closely with our graffiti abatement contractor, our S.E.A.L. security patrols and HPD to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible for graffiti in our District.

Litter Abatement

Since program inception in October of last year over 290 miles of right-of-way have been de-littered and 164 miles of right-of-way have been mowed. The crews have also removed over 15,000 pounds of trash from the areas and collected over 2,000 illegal bandit signs. Look for the crews while they are in the community by watching for the Five Corners District at Work signs and let them know they are doing a good job!

Outage Reporting: Street Lights

The District has contracted with SMC Logistics to tour the community and report all street light outages to CenterPoint. To date they have reported 1,353 outages to CenterPoint. A report as to the number of the lights that have been corrected will be included in subsequent newsletters.