City Council passed an ordinance to create a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ #25) within the Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston community. The proposed zone consists of approximately 5,533 acres – 1,422 acres within Fort Bend County and 4,194 acres within Harris County – all within the geographical area of the City of Houston.

Economic development has been one of the cornerstone initiatives of Council Member Larry Green since coming into office in 2012. “The increment from the proposed TIRZ will allow those tax dollars to further work on infrastructure projects to foster economic development for the area. With the creation of the TIRZ, much needed commercial and residential development will begin to take shape, stated Council Member Green. The District K council office was able to collaboratively work with the Administration to produce this economic development tool for the Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston community. “The TIRZ will not only foster economic growth for the area, but will complement the project plan as being implemented by the Five Corners Management District. This is an opportunity for dollars to be reinvested into the Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston area with some type of local control.”

Council Member Green also worked with Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage to gain approval of the TIRZ within the Fort Bend Houston area. “The creation of this TIRZ within the Fort Bend Houston area will be a beneficial tool to galvanize economic development in the immediate area, attract new investments, attract new employment opportunities, and provide a better quality of life for the community involved. “Our Precinct office has a strong working relationship with Council Member Green and has always supported his advocacy efforts to assist the Fort Bend Houston community with economic development initiatives,” states Commissioner Prestage.

“This is a HUGE victory for the constituents of Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston that will lead to a big impact for years to come,” states Council Member Green.