Homer ClarkWith 2020 here, we can appreciate the foundation that was laid in 2019 for development soon to come in the Five Corners District. In 2019, final steps were taken to ensure that major projects in the district will break ground in the new year. From beautification, to ease of mobility, to embracing our green spaces and building a sense of community, the Five Corners District highly anticipates putting these well-laid plans into action.

We maintain our ranking as the third safest district in Houston, largely due to the work done by the Public Safety Committee, with the hiring of SEAL Security patrols and the installation of surveillance cameras in strategic locations. Our level of safety, along with close proximity to the medical center, downtown, and the Galleria are strong assets that we are embrace as we build on our past successes. We fully intend to continue our work in transforming the Five Corners District into a Houston destination.

Projects that we have drafted with community stakeholders over the past few years are now coming to fruition. As part of our overall masterplan, created in conjunction with TIRZ 9 and 25, three categories of roadway projects are coming down the pike, totaling more than $10M: district “gateway” upgrades, intersection remodeling, and curb and sidewalk repairs. Recessed lighting and colorfully lit columns will mark the four underpasses along U. S. Highway 90A, helping to visually define our community. Four intersection improvements are underway, with repairs, painting of curbs, crosswalks, and landscaping in the works. Collaborating with TIRZ 9 and 25 has allowed us to make progress on our district masterplan in a shorter amount of time, and on a much larger scale.

All of our improvement projects have a direct effect on property values and the growth of business in our area. Since the inception of the district in 2007, commercial activity has grown by 200%. Businesses that have put their roots down in the Five Corners District have been a catalyst for other businesses to establish themselves here, increasing the level of living conveniences for residents. As the Five Corners District improvement projects work to make our neighborhood more attractive to residents and businesses, we anticipate a trend of greater outside investment into the Five Corners area, for the benefit of both residents and businesses.

Our ultimate goal remains to promote a clean, safe and enterprising community. We want to do our utmost to ensure that our neighborhood is a wonderful place to live, work, and invest. We also look forward to initiating opportunities for outdoor activities on the Sims Bayou Greenway trail, as well as starting a little league baseball team for our youth. Additional residential housing, followed by retail stores, remodeling of blighted buildings, and eventually the construction of a “town center” are long-term goals that we are laying the groundwork for now. 2020 will surely prove to be an exciting year.