The South Post Oak Recycling Center (SPROC) has been a fixture in the community for over 23 years. They offer a unique opportunity to turn trash into treasure with the help of their metal recycling facilities.

“We’ve been a trusted partner and active in the community.” said Brandi Harleaux, Chief Operations Officer for SPROC.

SPROC caters to many different types of clients looking to sell their metal. Whether you are a resident or a business owner in the Five Corners District , SPROC should be able to help you with your excess metal.
“As metal recyclers we specialize in buying copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, high temp alloys, steel, iron and the like. We service as well as buy and recycle nonferrous and ferrous metals from households, contractors, light industrial/manufacturing as well as corporations and government entities.” said Harleaux.

The process has been designed for convenience. SPROC offers drive-thru and container unloading services for individual customers. Companies that generate a large volume of excess metal can take advantage of their pick-up service, offered on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, dependent upon need. When clients drop off metal, it is weighed and valued. A check or cash card for the balance is generated automatically, and clients leave that same day with a little more green in their pocket.
Customer service is a top priority for the team at SPROC. “
In an environment that is highly influenced by customer feedback, it is reassuring to constantly hear from drive-in and pick up customers that the team is friendly and informative. The process of getting in-and-out, as well being paid, is fast, and it’s the cleanest facility you’ve ever been to. These are values we strive daily to exemplify. It’s reassuring to hear it from our customers on a daily basis.” said Harleaux.

SPROC understands that they are more than just a recycling center. They bring value to the area not just as an economic center, but also as an environmental one. They also realize that safety and regulations are important to ensure that customers trading metal for cash are not doing so illegally. They closely follow the legal guidelines set for their business, ensuring a high level of trust between their business and the community.

“For us, it’s important to have a positive impact on our team members, the communities we do business in as well as the environment.” said Haleaux, “We integrate creating an easy recycling process as well as memorable experience for our customers.”

Story by Ryan Leach