citysealAttached is the Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure (TTI) Council Committee agenda – scheduled for Monday, March 21 at 10:00 a.m., City Hall Council Chambers (901 Bagby St., 2nd Floor).

  1. Welcome Remarks – Council Member Larry V. Green, Chair
  2. Municipal Setting Designation – 1436 Studewood St.
    • Jennifer Clancey, Program Manager, Planning and Development Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  3. Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Recommendations
    • Jeffrey Weatherford, Deputy Director, Traffic Operations Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  4. Customer Information System Update
    • Sherri Winslow, Senior Assistant Director, Resource Management Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  5. High Speed Rail Update
    • David Hagy, Executive Director, Texas Central Partners
  6. Public Comments

Please contact Donald Perkins at 832.393.3016 if you have any comments to questions.