Seal Security LogoThe 5 Corners District is no different from any other community when it comes to public safety challenges. Any number of issues including the economy, climate, and more can contribute to a changing landscape when it comes to keeping property and people safe. As a way to keep assessment payers abreast of the goings-on within the public safety activities of the District, Board Member Vernon Smith, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, shared some of the current public safety changes and how budget increases were implemented and the impact of those changes.

When asked about numeric measurements as proof of success in their public safety efforts in the 5 Corners District, Smith said that, “since the additional officer, our statistics (taken from monthly HPD (Houston Police Department) statistics) have shown dramatic reductions.” Smith went on to say that, “with the addition of a third S.E.A.L security officer and vehicle, their presence has definitely yielded positive result with a reduction in crime.”

“With the new police substation already in place, and an increase from 3 S.E.A.L. Security officers to 6, with 2 officers dedicated to each HPD beat (16E10, 16E20, 16E30) during the day and 1 officer dedicated to each HPD beat at night, this has literally chased the criminals elsewhere. Between the increased flow of HPD and the new S.E.A.L. Security officers focused on smaller areas, criminals do not have ‘room to breathe’ and most won’t even consider committing crimes in the 5 Corners Management District,” said Smith.

Smith went on to say, “the public safety budget was increased in 2018 and is sufficient for the current allocation. We have consensus from the board that, if needed, adjustments could be made from each department to assist with any necessary increase in the public safety budget.

Director of Services, Allen Goodlow, stated that the public safety initiatives which also include mobile security cameras, graffiti abatement and the street light reporting and repair program were further helping to combat crime. Goodlow said, “when graffiti is abated within 24 hours, street lights repaired regularly, and folks thinking about doing something wrong see a security camera, they have second thoughts, that’s a good thing.” Goodlow encourages folks to stay tuned for news on the upcoming National Night Out event which will be held in the park adjacent to the new HPD substation located in the District. “It’s a great event to come out and meet the officers who protect our community and make new friends.”

Smith stated that, “ultimately all these changes are filtering through the business community to the residents within the District. Although the primary goal of the District is to provide services for the businesses in our community, the residents also receive the positive overflow of those services. After only a short tenure as a Management District, the community has seen vast changes throughout the area and with our continued efforts, with a focus on public safety, there will be even greater accolades to come for the District and everyone who lives and works in the community as well.”