Middle and High School Students are invited to work with a Graduation Game Plan mentor at one of many Houston Public Library branches in order to:

  1. Figure out a plan for graduating high school
  2. Prepare for college and a future career
  3. Know what workforce skills employers are looking for


Ready to Build your own Game Plan?

Go to www.houstontx.gov/education/graduationgameplan.html for more information about locations, dates, and times for the Graduation Game Plan.

Visit www.graduationgameplan.org to get a head start on your own game plan, and to find additional resources.

For all questions & inquiries, please contact:
Aarik Mickens-Dessaso, Neighborhood Service Coordinator
E-Mail: Aarik.Mickens-Dessaso@Houstontx.gov
Phone: (832) 393-0993

The Graduation Game Plan is a partnership between the Houston Public Library and the Houston Mayor’s Office of Education Initiatives, Department of Neighborhoods.

To learn more about education initiatives in the City of Houston, please visit: www.houstontx.gov/education.