METRO is working on the development of a regional transit plan, METRONext, that will identify major capital investments and other improvements needed to meet the mobility challenges of the next 20 years.   As part of this process, you may remember that METRO held a series of community open houses to give the public an opportunity to share ideas on future transit needs throughout the Houston region.  The results of that public input are the foundation for a draft ‘Moving Forward’ plan that we want to get your input on. 

Attached is a list of public meetings scheduled to begin on Saturday, January 26, 2019.  We invite you to come out to one of these meetings and learn more about the draft plan.  If you can’t attend one of these meetings, there will be additional opportunities to learn about METRONext through online meetings, telephone townhalls, and I would welcome the opportunity to come out and speak to your community or business group.  Follow METRO on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and be sure to visit for updates on upcoming meetings and activities.