bee hivesCouncil Member Green partnered with Gotcha Pest Control during the summer to remove two (2) large bee hives from the former Almeda Plaza Civic Club clubhouse at 2803 Knotty Oaks Trail within the Almeda Plaza neighborhood of the Hiram Clarke community.

Promoting public safety and enhancing the quality of life for residents are top priorities for Council Member Green. One way to accomplish this was to eliminate hazardous areas within District K neighborhoods. Council Member Green states, “I’m thrilled the District K council office was able to identify resources and partner with Gotcha Pest Control for the removal of these bees. Over the years, these bees have detrimentally plagued Almeda Plaza. Our office continually works with District K neighborhoods to identify resources in the community to solve the myriad of complex problems that arise in our District. In this instance, it just so happens to involve bees.”

Due to the hot summer months, vacant buildings and old trees are havens for bees to make their hives. The former Almeda Plaza clubhouse was such a haven and contained about a million bees inside. According to Gotcha Pest Control, the crew found hundreds of honey combs with 500 to 600 pounds of honey.

“I really want to thank the local television stations for covering this public safety event and Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control for coordinating this initiative with the District K council office. It was an experience getting suited up and down and dirty to make the bees disappear,” said Council Member Green.