Our farms were heavily damaged by tropical storm-force winds followed by 40+ inches of rain that Houston received in just a 4-day span during this historic and devastating storm. Our farmers need to clean debris from their farms, replace destroyed crops with seeds and/or transplants, repair drip irrigation systems, and replace damaged farm equipment — all while hurriedly preparing for fall planting and trying to maintain their weekly farm share subscriptions. It will take days for the farms to dry out enough to replant (please no more rain, Mother Nature!), so recovery will progress slowly. Being new Americans, our farmers are still accumulating their own personal rainy day funds and, unfortunately, there are not insurance products to specifically support young, small and diversified urban vegetable farms. Their livelihoods depend on selling their produce, so additional resources and extra manpower these next few weeks are crucial.

Here’s what you can do to help:


  1. DONATE. We ask that you consider an investment in the recovery of our farms.
  2. VOLUNTEER. Roll-up your sleeves, get some mud under your fingernails, and help us expedite this farm recovery process.
  3. SHOP. Head to a farmers’ market on Saturday. Buy something from each vendor. Our farmers are regularly at:

Check our Facebook page to confirm if our farmers can attend and if these markets are open.

As always, thanks for supporting your neighborhood farmers.