Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and ravaged our coastline. Houston endured more than 50 inches of rain, catastrophic flooding and the loss of vehicles, homes and our most prized possessions. A bright spot in the devastation was the kindness of our fellow Houstonians. When we saw our local law enforcement and public safety officials inundated with calls for help, you stepped up to lend a helping hand. The community came together to help those in need. From checking on our neighbors, assisting in water rescues, volunteering at a shelter, organizing a supply drive or helping muck out flooded homes. We came out and showed the world why we are #HoustonStrong.

In Texas, Harvey impacted more than 8 million residents, caused more than $125 billion in damages, flooded more than 204,000 homes and apartments and took the lives of 88 people. This was the worst rainstorm in US history. But, you can not count out Houstonians. We are resilient, strong, caring and giving people. This city poured its heart to one another. We knew we were in this together. That strength and caring nature helped organize supply drives, volunteer days of action and prepare meals for those in need as we helped our neighbors recover.

Unfortunately, as we reflect on the one year anniversary of Harvey, many are still recovering. Countless residents are living in homes without walls or floors, families have spent their savings in an attempt to rebuild and many who were hurting before the storm are in even deeper despair now. But, I know that we are resilient and strong.

As the funding for recovery filters through the state and local governments, I will continue to fight to ensure OUR communities get their fair share of every dollar. Some of the hardest hit areas were located in SD 13 and as the legislature convenes in January, your neighborhoods will be on my mind as I fight to allocate more dollars to our communities.

This storm did not break us. It taught us the value of our fellow man, the strength of our community and what we can do when we all work together.

Keep the Faith, Keep the Fight!

Senator Borris L. Miles
District 13

Homeowner Reimbursement Program Hurricane Harvey

In fall of 2018, the City of Houston will launch a Homeowner Reimbursement Program to reimburse homeowners for eligible Harvey-related repair expenses. The Homeowner Reimbursement Program is one of five programs the City of Houston will launch to assist homeowners with home repair. Program guidelines outlining the specifics of the program are being developed now. The tip sheet (below) advises residents about how to prepare to apply to the Reimbursement Program as they make repairs.

Learn more about this program by visiting the City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department

The Hurricane Harvey Registry is a research study that collects information on the impact of Hurricane Harvey on our Greater Houston area community.


The devastating flood caused by Hurricane Harvey was one of the most significant weather events in our city’s history. Few in Houston were left unaffected, and it’s a testament to our community that in our moment of need, neighbors helped neighbors without hesitation. The flood waters have receded and the trash piles have been picked up, but there are still many people who need help rebuilding their homes and their lives