If you live within the vicinity of Linkwood Park or just a strong supporter of Houston parks, the “Friends of Linkwood Park” are asking for your participating and seeking volunteers. Linkwood Park is nestled within the heart of the South Braeswood community. The Friends of Linkwood Park, formerly the Linkwood PAC, are asking for representatives from the various surrounding civic association to be a part of their community collaborative.

houston parksFor the past couple of months, the Friends of Linkwood Park have been coordinating with the Houston Parks Board to assist with improvement needs for Linkwood Park. As of this date, the organization has received the first estimates on their rejuvenation plans for the park. The Houston Parks Board is drafting a simple master plan to illustrate proposed improvements to the park.    

Just like the Friends of Karl Young Park, nestled within the Braeswood Place neighborhood, that organization was able to raise more than $500,000 for their park improvements. The Friends of Linkwood Park will coordinate with that organization for their guidance as they work toward establishing fundraising goals in phases. For now, the Friends of Linkwood Park projected goal is a toddler playground addition even though they are using some flexibility with their priority list as they move forward.

“I have already begun to think of some fun park events to assist us in our fundraising efforts. Please send me your ideas.  Keep in mind that our local fundraisers may only generate a portion of our funds, but will create a great amount of awareness needed for our project. Upon City approval, we will organize a fall “party in the park” to introduce our plans,” states Jenna Arnold, Friends of Linkwood Park organizer.

The Braeswood Super Neighborhood Council (SNC) featured Trent Rondot from the Houston Parks Board at their October monthly speaker to address the Friends of Linkwood Park initiative. The Braeswood SNC met on October 17 at Linkwood Park Community Center.

For information on how you can get involved with the Friends of Linkwood Park, please contact Jenna Arnold at 713-299-7182 or via e-mail at [email protected].