Hello District K Friends!

This month we have so much celebrate. Lately I have been reflecting on the journey we’ve shared and the meaningful milestones we’ve achieved together.

That takes me back to Council Member Green and the unforgettable legacy he left, not just in District K, but across Houston. Reflecting on my time as Council Member since May 16, 2018, I can vividly recall the emotions of that day. The city hall chamber was brimming with support, and I felt an overwhelming sense of love as I took my oath to serve District K.

That date, coinciding with LG’s birthday, felt like a divine reassurance that I was on the right path. Though six years have passed, my commitment remains unwavering. Each morning, I wake with renewed determination to carry forward the work we’ve begun.

The losses of Council Member Green and Donald Perkins were deeply felt in our district. Today as honor their memory, and celebrate Council Member Green’s 59th birthday, I want to take a look back at some of the fun times we’ve had over the last 6 years.

Public service is not just a duty; it’s a profound calling. I feel deeply privileged to carry forward

this vision and to serve our community and city. Together, let’s continue building a brighter future for District K and Houston. Enjoy the look back and a few District K announcements.

In service,



District K National Night Out Strong!!!

Public Safety is paramount to District K communities.

“The greatest of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate action of its members.” -Coretta Scott King- District K, we rocked National Night Out!

Let’s make NNO 2024 the best one yet. We are looking forward to celebrating with your neighborhood.


Linkwood Park Ribbon Cutting

Hey there, remember that awesome ribbon cutting we had at Linkwood Park? It was to celebrate the completion of Phase 1—the fantastic new playground! It’s such a cool addition, nestled under the shade of some lovely trees. Parks are important. Everyone should have access.

Thanksgiving Senior Luncheon

Hosting our District K seniors at our Thanksgiving Luncheon at the Red Rooster was an absolute blast! It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season. We had a fantastic time honoring our amazing residents, some of whom have been part of our community for over 40 years. We’re truly grateful for each and every one of you!

#DistrictK #GratefulGathering #SeniorThanksgivingLuncheon


Buffalo Speedway Grade Separation Bridge

Remember the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Holmes Road/Buffalo Speedway connector bridge in District K? It’s been a game-changer for mobility around here! With our city’s population booming, staying ahead in mobility is key.

#KeepDistrictKMoving #Mobility


Clean State of Mind

This was our press conference in Almeda Plaza to introduce our District K HOT Team and kick off our #CleanStateofMind clean up campaign. It was our hope that residents and business owners would catch the “clean wave” and join our quest to make every neighborhood in District K one we can all be proud of. We are spending almost $30,000 a month picking up trash at the detriment of more meaningful projects. We are definitely making a difference, but there is still a lot more to do.

#DistrictK #CleanStateofMind #KeepDistrictKBeautiful


Java Talk – Neighborhood 101

We held a Neighborhood 101 workshop and it was a huge success. Mayra Hypolite from the Department of Neighborhoods helped bring our “Java Talk” to life. We gathered a bunch of neighborhood concerns from our community leaders and we’re already brainstorming solutions for our residents. Remember, real change comes from keeping the conversation going!

#CleanStateofMind #DistrictK


Westbury Christmas Parade

It was a perfect night for caroling, COVID style through Westbury neighborhood in District K. We had our own “sleigh” (zebra trailer) to cruise through and see the beautiful yards decorated for Christmas, thanks to the Kolfat family. We enjoyed seeing the residents waving, smiling and enjoying the holiday music as we drove by. We even had elves!

MakingSpiritsBright #DistrictK #WestburyCivicClub


Keeping Our Trails Safe
District K adds ATV to HPD Fleet

The District K office purchased an ATV for the officers to patrol our new trails throughout the district. We want to ensure our residents are safe on our streets as well as on our trails.

Mr. Dabney Kennedy – Silver Buffalo Award

We were excited to celebrate the service of District K resident, Mr. Dabney Kennedy who received the 2021 Silver Buffalo Award, Scouting’s highest commendation for service to youth. My office was proud to join in the celebratory action with a well deserved proclamation and certificate.

Mr. Kennedy was a legendary community leader, having served in our Westbury community for over 55 years. He passed away June 5, 2022. Thank you Sam Houston Area Council for recognizing one of Houston’s and District K’s outstanding residents.

#DistrictK #Leadership


Valentine’s Day Senior Luncheon 2020

Valentine’s Day is always a highlight for me! We had a blast celebrating with our seniors, watching their smiles light up the room and seeing them pull out some impressive dance moves. The whole event was just pure joy! Huge thanks to Mayor Turner, Titu Alam, Flo-Motion, Southern Konnection, AARP, American Heart Association, Signature ER, Kroger, our amazing District K staff, and everyone who pitched in to make this day extra special for our residents. You all rock! I’m ready for anothe Valentine’s Day celebration. We can never have too much love!

Happy 20th Anniversary
Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy in style. To mark the occasion, Conservancy members funded a cool project—a Naturescape Garden! They brought in the talented tree carver, James D. Phillips, to work his magic. You might know him from his awesome tree carvings in Galveston after Hurricane Ike. This time, he transformed live oak logs into birds, fish, turtles, wildflowers, people, and even a dog! How cool is that?

#WillowWaterhole #20thAnniversary


Houston’s New Donation Box Ordinance

Remember back in May 2021 when Houston City Council passed the Donation Box ordinance? I was thrilled to lead the charge on this one! You see, many of those donation boxes around the city were just popping up on private property without permission, turning into hotspots for illegal dumping.

But thanks to the ordinance, unanimously approved by City Council, we’re putting a stop to that. Now, owners of those big donation bins have to pony up $191 per container and make sure they stay clutter-free. It’s all about keeping our city clean and tidy!

#DistrictK #CleanStateofMind #ProtectingNeighborhoods


Illegal Dumpers Caught on Camera

Keeping our community safe and clean is a top priority for me as your Council Member. Sadly, we continue to find some people not disposing of their debris properly. From residents to contractors and even business owners, it’s disappointing to see.

That’s why our team takes action! That’s why I blocked an $879,000 city contract for a local landscape company after their employees were caught on camera illegally dumping tree waste in our district. Plus, we’ve caught several individuals on camera and had HPD pay them a visit.

Accountability matters here in District K, and we’re committed to cracking down on this negative behavior. Let’s work together to keep our community beautiful and a place we can all be proud of!



2021 State of the District Virtual Event

During COVID it was even more important to be connected to our constituents and be a resource of support, information and encouragment. We produced a Virtual State of the Event that connected with so many in District K.

If you missed it or would like to view it again, click the link below.



Harvest Market’s HarvesTrolley
Serves Fort Bend Houston

The Harvest Market HarvesTrolley Tour made it’s way to Chasewood, Quail Run, Briargate, and Ridgemont communities. I was blown away by this neighborhood market and their grocery store on wheels. Bringing groceries right to residents? Genius! It’s easily one of the best ideas I’d seen during the pandemic.

More Beautiful Artwork in District K

Check out this awesome artwork I spotted along the Sims Bayou trail during one of my morning walks. Love stumbling upon these gems! Remember, art isn’t just about what you see—it’s about what you make others see.

#Districtk #UPArtStudio #KeepDistrictKBeautiful #TIRZ9 #TIRZ25#5CornersManagementDistrict


District K’s Minchen Park Named Part of
Mayor Turner’s 50/50 Park Initiative

Thanks to the Houston Parks Board team and all the amazing community members who’ve pitched in ideas for our revamped park at 4900 W Fuqua St., Houston 77045. Together, we’re on a mission to give this green space a whole new vibe that families can’t get enough of! Have you visited the newly imagined park space yet?

#DistrictK #50/50Parks


Dr. Shannon Walker Library – State of the Art

What a day! We officially kicked off construction for the incredible Dr. Shannon Walker Neighborhood Library in November of 2022! This $20M gem is going to be a game-changer for our community. And get this – it’s named after our very own NASA astronaut, Dr. Shannon Walker, who’s one of us! We celebrated big in December 2023, and now we’re counting down the days until the grand opening on June1, 2024 at 10:00am. Get ready for some serious library love coming our way!

#HPL #DistrictK #DrShannonWalkerNeighborhoodLibrary #1stLibraryCafe#PassportOffice #RecordingStudio #PodcastRoom #TechLink #MeetingRooms

The Community Collective for Houston

Have you seen the Power Center lately? It’s sporting a fresh new paint job on the outside and looking fantastic! And guess what? It’s not just a makeover—it’s got a new name too! A group of new owners have dubbed it “The Community Collective For Houston”.

#DistrictK #CommunityCollectiveforHouston #5Corners


PIP Monthly Meetings

An engaged community is an empowered community. It was standing room only at our PIP meeting on this night as Commander Hassig and I answered questions from residents about crime, speeding and other neighborhood concerns. In 2021 we celebrated over 90 initiated and completed community projects totaling over $450 million dollars. We continue to tackle crime, speeding, neighborhood issues, illegal dumping, bandit signs, donation boxes and other issues important to our residents.

DistrictK #PIPMeeting #HPDDRT


Illegal Dumpers Caught in the Act in District K and Five Corners Improvement District Video

Mayor Pro Tem Martha Castex-Tatum, along with the Five Corners Improvement District and HPD, joins forces to tackle illegal dumping in District K. Residents caught in the act will face consequences as we work to deter this behavior.

A big shoutout to Melvin Hopkins and the District K HOT Team for their hard work in cleaning up illegal dumping. Their efforts have resulted in citations and criminal charges for several cases. Keep up the great work!


Celebrating Our District K Gateways!

District K Beautification Project is in full swing! We’ve made safety upgrades like lane restriping, landscaping, and signage. But the real star? The underpasses at Hiram Clarke, S. Post Oak, Chimney Rock, Hillcroft, and Fondren now boast multi-colored, changeable lighting and vibrant paint jobs on beams and columns, adding a unique flair to the 5 Corners Improvement District. I’m absolutely loving the transformation! Keep shining, District K!

President Advisory Council Boat Tour

District K Civic Club and HOA Presidents attended our meeting on the Sam Houston Boat Tourat the Port of Houston. It’s this kind of dedicated leadership that keeps our communities pressing forward. Our neighborhoods get better when we show up and are intentional about the progress.

We are stronger together!

#DistrictK #KeepDistrictKBeautiful #OneCleanHouston #MPAC


37th Annual Arbor Day Celebration
at Glenshire Park!

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.” The second best time to plant a tree is National Arbor Day! That is just what hundreds of volunteers did at Glenshire Park — 1,000 trees were planted!

#ArborDay2023 #DistrictK


District K Wins 2022 State Project of the Year Award District Gateways Improvement

Our District Gateways Improvement project won the Public Works Project of the Year from the American Public Works Association of Texas!

Huge thanks to everyone involved: Hiram Clarke/ Fort Bend RDA, TIRZ 25, Huitt-Zollars, DG Medina Construction, UP Art Studio, 5 Corners District, and TIRZ 9. Together, we’ve not only enhanced our community’s look but also boosted accessibility and mobility at five major intersections along US 90A/South Main.

Let’s keep up the great work and continue building a city we can all be proud of!


HPD Southwest Command Station Renamed to Honor Sergeant Harold L. Preston

On October 20, 2020, Sergeant Preston tragically lost his life in the line of duty while responding to a domestic violence call. During his 41 years of service to the City of Houston, Sergeant Preston was assigned to the HPD North Patrol, Northeast Patrol, and Jail Divisions. His last assignment was with the HPD Southwest Patrol Division. On this day, we honored his stellar service by renaming the police station in District K, the Harold L. Preston Southwest Police Station. #DistrictK #HPD

Demolition Day – Edison Arts Cultural Center

What a day! The Edison Arts Foundation Demolition Ceremony was such an exciting spark as we keep transforming our community in Fort Bend, Houston. We’re making great progress toward enjoying this new space. With the theater, after-school program, clinic, constable office, festival plaza, restaurants, and retail opportunities, District K is getting some fantastic new additions. Can’t wait to see it all come to life!

We are stronger together! #edisonartsfoundation #FortBendCompleteCommunity #DistrictK


Breast Cancer Awareness Yoga Event

Our salute to breast cancer survivors in the community was so refreshing! This was our inaugural event and I’m ready to do it again. We can never grow tired of reminding our loved ones of the importance of early detection. Lyndsay Levingston the founder of SurviveHer, Mitzi Henderson of Namitzi Yoga and I wanted this experience to invigorate and encourage survivors, caregivers and supporters.

I was reminded of the importance of MAKING time for exercise and healthcare. I love yoga and need to do more of it. Take a look at our event video and we hope to see you at our next event.#DistrictK #PoseinPink #BreastCancerAwareness #5Corners


Phillipine Center

District K is now home to the only Philippine Community Center in the city. What an honor! We’re eager to create countless memories together. Remember, together we’re stronger. #DistrictK

Boy Scouts

Engaging with youth is crucial for their inclusion in government. Let’s not forget the importance of organizations like the Boy Scouts in shaping future leaders.

#BoyScouts #FutureLeaders


Willowridge Homecoming Parade!

I was honored to serve and had a blast being the Grand Marshal for the Fort Bend community parade! Go Willowridge Eagles!

#Homecoming #CommunityPride


South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition

The South Houston Concerned Citizens’ Coalition (SHCCC) is all about working together to enhance the well-being of residents in our area. We’re focused on collaborating on projects that benefit the community. Whether you’re part of a Civic Club, Homeowners Association, or a resident without representation, we welcome you to join us in our efforts to improve the infrastructure and appearance of our neighborhood. Let’s make a difference together!

Hurricane Harvey Survivors

We came together, helped each other and are united in purpose by tackling flood mitigation head-on in our district. Together, we’re dedicated to keeping water away from your homes and businesses.

MADCO Demolition

What a joy it was to finally see the old MADCO station on W Fuqua crumble to the ground. For decades this station has been a nuisance in our community. The lives impacted by the illegal activities that happened here were countless. I dedicated the demolition to every family that has prayed for their loved ones to be free from addiction. As we continue working to restore people’s faith in government, I hope this event encourages more residents to become actively engaged in our community. This is the first property purchased as blight removal by TIRZ 25 and I am grateful that these board members were just as eager to get us to this day. Let us know what you would like to see on this corner. #TransformingDistrictK #TIRZ25 #5Corners#GoodbyeMadco

Comcast Rise is Returning to Houston!

Comcast RISE is returning to Houston! 100 small businesses in the Greater Houston area will be named Comcast RISE recipients and awarded business support grants. The program will provide a total of $500,000 in grants plus technology make-overs, marketing support, consulting and education support. From May 1st – 31st, eligible small businesses in our area can apply for the Comcast RISE program at www.ComcastRISE.com.

#DistrictKDigitalAge #SmallBusinessSupport


Get Ready for Hurricane Season

It’s never too early to prepare for hurricane season. The official start date is June 1st, but we’ve already experienced challenging weather events in our area. If you or anyone you know needs some assistance during emergency events, be sure to register with STEAR (State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry).

The STEAR program is a free registry that offers local emergency planners and responders valuable insights into community needs during emergencies. While registration doesn’t ensure specific services, communities utilize the information in various ways. For details on how your area utilizes the STEAR registry, reach out to your local emergency management office.

In addition to STEAR, there are other sites you should visit before there is an emergency. The links will be included below:

PIP Monthly Meeting

You’re invited to our monthly PIP meeting Wednesday May 22nd at 7:00 PM. This event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring a friend or neighbor along—we’d love to see you there!

#DistrictKSafety #CommunityMatters #CommunityPolicing

Simon Minchen Park Trail Connector Project

The Houston Parks Board would like to inform residents that construction on the new trail connector at Simon Minchen Park will commence later this week. While we anticipate minimal noise disturbance from the boring process, we want residents to be aware of the upcoming activity.


Yard Waste Collection Update

Exciting news from #SWMD! They’ve expanded our yard waste collection options. Now, you can use:

  • 100% biodegradable bag (ASTM D6400 compliant)
  • 100% compostable bag (ASTM D6400 compliant)
  • Personal reusable container
  • Just ensure personal containers are under 50 lbs. and have a lid for material protection.


Pools Expected to Open May 25th!

Get ready for a splash, District K! All swimming pools in our district are set to open this summer, including the much-anticipated return of the Westbury Aquatic Center after two years of closure. Join us for the Pool Opening Day Ceremony on Saturday, May 25th, at 1:00 p.m. Let’s make a splash together!

#DistrictK #PoolOpeningDay