As the City of Houston recognized March as the month to “March on Crime,” District K Councilman Larry V. Green announced that, once again, the District ranked third lowest in the number of crimes committed in 2015.

“A comprehensive approach to public safety with assistance from the Houston Police Department (HPD), Harris County Constable and Sheriff’s Offices, private security, and the management districts’ public safety committees all ensure a holistic approach to public safety,” Green said. “This is one of the reasons why the District K office continues to have lower crime rates in comparison to the rest of the city.”

A drop in the number of thefts enabled the District to rank second lowest in Houston in that category. While District K reported a slight increase in auto thefts, the annual crime stats report from HPD showed a decline in almost all other types of crimes in the community. The report reflected a 4.7 percent drop in the number of robberies and a 6.7 percent drop in burglaries, compared to 2014. The crime stats also showed a decline in the number of aggravated assaults and murders in District K.

“We want to heartily thank our community, including property and business owners, along with local law enforcement agencies whose diligent effort and support has allowed us to learn positive techniques for achieving whatever successes we presently experience,” said Homer Clark, chairman of the board of directors of the Five Corners Management District that comprises part of District K.

“I’m a strong proponent of our HPD and continually support the District’s two substations and our three storefronts, which are located in the Bray Oaks, Hiram Clarke, and Westbury communities,” Green said. “Since coming into office in 2012, I’ve publically advocated our District K communities to be more proactive with their local storefronts relative to attending their respective Positive Interaction Program meetings.”

The March on Crime campaign was created in 1984 out of concern over violent crimes being committed in the African-American community and expanded to include all citizens of Houston. HPD has since held the March on Crime campaign every year to inform the public about crime prevention tips. This includes drug awareness, Crime Stoppers, Neighborhood Watch, personal safety, burglary prevention, and crimes against the elderly and juveniles.