District K Residents,
On Wednesday, the City Council will vote to establish a fee for the lease and management of containers for garbage and recyclables for residential units; establishing an effective date. I have included the background information for your review and would like to hear your thoughts.
The proposed lease fee for garbage and recycling containers would be .57 per container for a total of $1.14 per household, per month. The $1.14 bin lease fee would be included on your monthly water bill and would become effective June 1, 2020. The proposed lease fee would support purchasing of black and green containers; replacement parts and tools; rolling stock and personnel to support deliveries and customer service in the four solid waste operations quadrants.
To review the Background info on the Cover Sheet click here.
Container Lease FAQs click here.
SWM Original Ordinance with redlines click here.
SWM Amended Ordinance click here.
I want to hear from residents, as I realize that many in our community are facing hardships due to COVID-19. I also want you to know the impact on the solid waste department’s operations if we do not vote to support this item. Tough decisions are being made in our individual homes as well as our local city government.
If you have questions please email me and I will try to get the answers to you as soon as possible. Thank you to the residents that have called and emailed us, both in support and opposition the proposed container lease fee. I appreciate your participation as these are not easy decisions.