Celebrate the New Year Responsibly

District K Residents and Friends,
As we prepare to enter 2023, it important to remind each other to do so safely. Please do your part to help stop the illegal practice of firing guns in the air in our neighborhoods. Firing guns in the air is reckless, dangerous and against the law. These stray bullets puncture roofs on homes, go through walls, windows, cars and can cause significant injury and even death.
Celebrating the new year should never be at the expense of someone else’s safety. Let’s bring in the new year without “the bang!” That thoughtless moment of jubilation can lead to real tragedy. If you see or know of individuals shooting guns in the air, you can report this activity anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. If your tip leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for up $5000 reward.
Fireworks are also illegal in the city limits. The combination of fireworks and gunfire can sound like a shooting gallery. Be considerate of your neighbors!
A special thank you to the residents in Gessport HOA that contacted me about the fireworks stand located at W. Airport and S. Gessner. I immediately reported the shipping container to Mayor Turner and Chief Pena. The Fire Marshal red tagged the container and had it removed the next day. Your engagement with our office is what continues to keep our district safe and thriving.
If you missed the press conference with Mayor Turner, Chief Finner, Chief West and Andy Kahn asking Houstonians to celebrate responsibly, you can view it here: Mayor’s Press Conference on Celebrating the New Year Responsibly.
I wish you all a safe and healthy time as we welcome 2023! I’m looking forward to another
exciting year together.
In service,