District K Residents,

I hope you are continuing to remain safe in your homes and are healthy and finding reasons to share joy with each other even during these unusual times.

Several of you have asked about increased testing, so I wanted you to know the city of Houston is offering free coronavirus tests for anyone interested in being tested. Our two city sites have doubled their testing capabilities and the requirements no longer include an individual exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. You are still required to call, register and receive a code prior to entering the testing locations.

Testing of residents who are asymptomatic will allow officials to better track community spread of this virus. To date the city is reporting 2,239 confirmed cases and 18 deaths. Collecting medical data from widespread testing is what will be needed in order to eventually start easing our StayHome-WorkSmart order in stages. According to Dr. Persse, our COH health authority, we should “peak” in the city of Houston some time at the end of the month or around May 2nd. Dr. Persse also stated, “The peak is not the end of the game. If anything, it is half-time.” That means we must stay the course.

I am hopeful that the efforts and sacrifices we are all making will result in us gaining the upper-hand against COVID-19 and reducing any anxieties we may have as a community. As always, if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay safe and healthy!