Council Member Green hosted a Hiram Clarke Economic Development and Community Summit on October 12, 2013 at the Brentwood Baptist Church Joe Samuel Ratliff Lifelong Learning Center located within the Hiram Clarke community. 

investmentDuring the summit, Council Member Green highlighted current and proposed capital improvement projects planned for the Hiram Clarke area which totals more than $500 million in public investments. Such projects include the new HISD schools planned via the 2012 HISD bond passage, the planned capital improvement projects of Buffalo Speedway, Holmes Rd, Kirby Dr., US 90A enhancements, a new health facility within the Fountain Life Center, a new HPD substation, and other proposed projects. More importantly, Council Member Green  highlighted the vision for the Five Corners Management District, the newly created Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston TIRZ and the existing South Post Oak TIRZ as well as other intergovernmental initiatives for the Hiram Clarke area.

“I was honored to host this economic development and community summit,” says Council Member Green. “Today, our community is well poised for quality economic development and growth for both residential and commercial investment.”

Over 200 people attended the economic development and community summit. Confirmed attendees ranged from elected officials that serve the Hiram Clarke community to area community leaders, church and school administrators, as well as developers, bankers, home builders, and area business leaders.