cip meetingLast month, Council Member Green facilitated the District K’s annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Every year, the District K office rotates the location of the annual CIP meeting. This year’s meeting was held in Fort Bend Houston at Willowridge High School, Ronald McNair Auditorium.

The Public Works and Engineering Department presented a PowerPoint presentation about the Rebuild Houston initiative and gave an update of its 10-year plan. Other City of Houston departmental representatives such as General Services and the Parks Department were on-hand to give an update on existing CIP projects and proposed CIP projects within District K.

“As I move forward with my final 4-year term, I continue to encourage all District K constituents to come out and be informed of the proposed CIP projects planned within the council district. I was pleased we had a diverse cross-section of District K constituents attend this year’s CIP meeting, asked questions about current and proposed projects planned for their neighborhood, and left the meeting feeling like their viewpoints were heard and answered by the City representatives prsent,” said Council Member Green.

For more information and specific details about CIP projects in your area and to see a draft of the Rebuild Houston ten-year plan visit their website.The City of Houston CIP is a 5-year plan that list projects the City intends to construct.