2018 proved to be an exciting year for the Five Corners District. We made significant progress on projects that directly impact our community. Our district continues to be one of the safest areas of the city, in part due to our contract with S.E.A.L. security patrol. Because of their effectiveness in reducing crime, we increased this year’s budget for security by 50%, for added benefit. I would like to highlight several significant district plans which were put into motion this year.

In November of 2017, we initiated a Tri-Party Agreement with TIRZ 9 and TIRZ 25. TIRZ stands for “Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone,” and they are created by the City of Houston to improve and redevelop specific areas of town. The Tri-Party Agreement has allowed the district’s existing Environmental Design Master Plan to be executed more quickly, and on a more robust scale.

Professional engineering service work on key intersections has begun, with a completion date of late 2019. These intersections will be upgraded with new landscaping and district markers:
• West Orem and South Post Oak
• West Fuqua and South Post Oak
• Hiram Clarke and West Fuqua

In addition, recess LED lighting, and painted columns underneath HWY 90 will mark the entrance to the Five Corners District at the main thoroughfare of South Post Oak and South Main. This project has a completion date of late 2019 or early 2020.

Our Business Beautification Recognition Program started this year, in an effort to encourage and thank area businesses that keep their properties clean, safe and attractive. These recognized businesses have agreed to maintain trash-free storefronts, and make any needed repairs such as removing graffiti and bandit signs (signs illegally displayed on the streets), fixing potholes, and much more. The district also aids businesses with these problems through our graffiti abatement program, and the district’s porter service which has removed tons of litter and bandit signs around the community. We believe that recognizing our outstanding businesses will foster community pride and attract the quality of businesses the community desires. We hope to continue growing the program in 2019. Future business will be encouraged through the Business Park development on the Boulevard Oaks Business Park at West Fuqua and South Post Oak, which began in March. Once completed, the Business Park will consist of 128 acres of available business development.

These improvements will spur millions of dollars in development within our district. Projects that arise as a result will be a catalyst to leverage public and private funds, as well as set the standard for future development initiatives throughout the district.

While we have had a great year, we must recognize the passing of our dear friend, Donald Perkins, who was District K’s Chief of Staff to the late Larry Green and Council Member Castex-Tatum. Perkins was a resourceful and dedicated friend to the community. We could always call on him for support and prompt action. He cannot be replaced and will be greatly missed. We look forward to continuing initiatives that Green and Perkins began, such as the “Klean It Up, Green It Up” beautification plan for District K. Lastly, I want to thank you all for a successful year and your dedication to your community. Ultimately, your work will contribute to yet another fruitful year in 2019.

Homer Clark
Chairman of the Board of Directors