Mobility, Environmental and Urban Design

This Environmental Design Master Plan presents strategies and recommendations to help the Five Corners District strengthen its identity as a beautiful, safe and attractive place to live, shop, work and invest in. The plan has been developed with the support of community members, business owners and other stakeholders, with the goal of envisioning how the district can best create an environment that builds on the district’s assets as well as anticipates, guides and encourages this future development. The plan includes concepts for new development, mobility, parks and open space, landscaping, and branding. Through engagement efforts, including community meetings, stakeholder workshops, and business surveys, a set of goals was established to guide the master plan development and ensure a well-rounded approach to future improvements by the Five Corners District.

Using these goals as a starting point, the project team sought to understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the District in order to craft recommendations to meet the District’s goals and vision.



Working with community members and other stakeholders, a set of four goals have been developed for the project. The goals are:

  1. Develop an appealing identity for Five Corners District to help attract investment and partnership with the management district.
  2. Celebrate and connect district assets by prioritizing projects according to existing area investments and planned growth.
  3. Promote walking and bicycling through infrastructure and design that can be supported by local organizations and programs.
  4. Create a vision for future development of commercial, recreational, and civic activity that is to be promoted and supported by the Five Corners District.

The District has over 480 acres of parks and greenspaces. With walking trails, playgrounds and other amenities, the District is a great place to call home.



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