citysealBelow is the Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure (TTI) Council Committee agenda – scheduled for Thursday January 15, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., City Hall Council Chambers (901 Bagby St., 2nd Floor).


  1. Welcome Remarks – Council Member Larry V. Green, Chair
  2. Municipal Setting Designation — Mortgage Recovery Fund 3939, Ltd. (3939 Montrose Blvd.)
    • Jennifer Clancey, Program Manager, Planning and Development Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  3. Houston Permitting Center: Ordinance Streamlining and Continuous Improvement
    • Mark McAvoy, Executive Director, Houston Permitting Center, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  4. Joint Referral and Appraisal Ordinance Streamlining
    • Dave Feldman, City Attorney
    • Mark Loethen, P.E., Deputy Director, Planning and Development Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  5. Second Supplemental Agreement with water Authorities for the Northeast Water Purification Plant
    • Jun Chang, P.E., Deputy Director, Public Utilities Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  6. Houston Complete Streets and Context Sensitive Design Update
    • Patrick Walsh, P.E., Director, Planning & Development Dept.
    • Dale Rudick, P.E., Director, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  7. Public Comments

Please contact Donald Perkins at 832.393.3016 if you have any comments to questions.