The District K portion of the Braeswood SN has a hidden secret for reaching out among the communities south of Brays Bayou — the Families of South Braeswood blog. According to their webpage, the purpose of the blog is to bring together families living in the neighborhoods south of Braeswood Blvd. such as Braeswood Place (consisting of Braes Manor and Braes Terrace), Linkwood, Knollwood Village, Westridge, Woodshire, and Woodside to address the community’s common interests and concerns and work toward making positive changes in the neighborhood.

The Families of South Braeswood blog impacts their community in three areas:

  • Social Events-Forming connections between families through a variety of social events
  • Park/Roads-Improve our local park and roads through fundraising and community involvement
  • Longfellow Elementary-Support our local elementary school and spread the word about all Longfellow has to offer

Because the South Braeswood community consists of different civic associations and other civic organizations, this area had limited opportunities to connect and share information with each other. Other than the Braeswood SN Council, the blog also helps solve the central issues of the greater South Braeswood neighborhood – sharing similar interests toward making positive changes.

To explore the Families of South Braeswood blog: click here.