Air Quality Standard Permit for Concrete Batch Plants Proposed Registration No. 147030

Application. Locke Investments, LLC, has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for an Air Quality Standard Permit, Registration No. 147030, which would authorize construction of a specialty concrete batch plant located at 700 Almeda-Genoa, Houston, Harris County, Texas 77047. This link to an electronic map of the site or facility’s general location is provided as a public courtesy and not part of the application or notice. For exact location, refer to application. The proposed facility will emit the following air contaminants: particulate matter including (but not limited to) aggregate, cement, road dust, and particulate matter with diameters of 10 microns or less and 2.5 microns or less.

The executive director has completed the administrative and technical reviews of the application and determined that the application meets all of the requirements of a standard permit authorized by 30 TAC § 116.611, which would establish the conditions under which the plant must operate. The executive director has made a preliminary decision to issue the registration because it meets all applicable rules.

PUBLIC COMMENT/PUBLIC MEETING. You may submit public comments to the Office of the Chief Clerk at the address below. The TCEQ will consider all public comments in developing a final decision on the application. A public meeting will be held and will consist of two parts, an Informal Discussion Period and a Formal Comment Period. A public meeting is not a contested case hearing under the Administrative Procedure Act. During the Informal Discussion Period, the public will be encouraged to ask questions of the applicant and TCEQ staff concerning the permit application. The comments and questions submitted orally during the Informal Discussion Period will not be considered before a decision is reached on the permit application and no formal response will be made. Responses will be provided orally during the Informal Discussion Period. During the Formal Comment Period on the permit application, members of the public may state their formal comments orally into the official record. At the conclusion of the comment period, all formal comments will be considered before a decision is reached on the permit application. A written response to all formal comments will be prepared by the Executive Director and will be sent to each person who submits a formal comment or who requested to be on the mailing list for this permit application and provides a mailing address.

The Public Meeting is to be held:
Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center
3810 West Fuqua Street
Houston, Texas 77045

INFORMATION. Citizens are encouraged to submit written comments anytime during the public meeting or by mail before the close of the public comment period to the Office of the Chief Clerk, TCEQ, Mail Code MC-105, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087 or electronically at If you need more information about the permit application or the permitting process, please call the TCEQ Public Education Program, toll free, at 1-800-687-4040. General information can be found at our Web site at Si desea información en Español, puede llamar al 1-800-687-4040.

The application, executive director’s preliminary decision, and standard permit will be available for viewing and copying at the TCEQ central office, the TCEQ Houston regional office, and the Johnson Neighborhood Library, 3517 Reed Road, Houston, Harris County, Texas. The facility’s compliance file, if any exists, is available for public review at the TCEQ Houston Regional Office, 5425 Polk Street Suite H, Houston, Texas. Visit to review the standard permit. Further information may also be obtained from Locke Investments, LLC, 7600 South Santa Fe Drive, Building I, Houston, Texas 77061-4508 or by calling Mr. Jay Lindholm, Project Manager, Sage ATC Environmental Consulting LLC at (512) 258-8500.

Persons with disabilities who need special accommodations at the meeting should call the Office of the Chief Clerk at 512-239-3300 or 1-800-RELAY-TX (TDD) at least one week prior to the meeting.