What is Technology Summer Camp?

Technology Summer Camp is designed to entice and educate young people about the importance of science and technology and help them follow a career path towards technology/engineering where most high paying jobs are found.

What activities will Technology Summer Camp cover?

Digital Literacy: Machine language & beginning coding (Code.org)
3D-Printing: 3D-Printing, Electronics, Raspberry Pi, Pine 64
Coding: Coding (HTML, CSS, JAVA, WordPress) Code.Org, Scratch (MIT.Edu), Khan Academy etc.
Drones and Social Media: Building  “Lego” drones, Drone Racing, Aerial Photography, as well as building  3D printed drones, and creating a drone, Social Media (Mobil Marketing)
Financial Literacy: Financial Literacy (Budgeting, stock market, compound interest, investing for the future and retirement planning)

Why Technology Summer Program?

A massive opportunity gap exists between the children of the poor and the rich. This gap or lack of access prevents children of the poor from participating in path- changing programs such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). To bridge this gap, we will be offering vocational and STEM related classes to inspire students and to create opportunities.

Public schools, especially in minority districts, are overwhelmed. Consequently, minority kids are falling behind in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Coding, where high paying jobs are being created. For example, according to the latest Houston Chronicle report, most of the schools in District K have a failing grade of D or F. HISD education/school-report-card/

“Research shows that getting students interested in math and science at an early age, around 10 or 11, makes a dramatic impact on influencing them to pursue technical careers,” (Chron, April 30, 2015).

Please RSVP by going to the website www.adtechnical.org or email us at adtinc00@yahoo.com or by calling 713-396-2621. First come, first served. The class is designed for age groups (9-12). Parents or legal guardians are required to accompany the student. Each student who completes the course will get a surprise gift.

• Pledge to be a model student
• Pledge to teach another student what he/she learned
• Provide proof every week.

Schedule: Technology Summer Camp is scheduled from June 18 – July 16 each Saturday from 10am-4PM (Saturday dates are: June 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16). Lunch will be provided. Note: We are looking for sponsors so that we can continue and expand the program.

Location: Multiservice Center: 3810 W. Fuqua, Houston, TX 77045. Appropriate Development Technology, Inc. (Adtinc) is a non-profit dedicated to bridging income inequality by leveraging technology. Deadline for registration is June 16, 2016.