Request for Interest
Affordable Housing Development
South Post Oak Redevelopment Authority

South Post Oak Redevelopment Authority in southwest Houston, Texas is seeking submissions of interest from one or more for-profit and non-profit developers and development teams to construct high-quality, owner-occupied, limited density affordable housing within its boundaries. The Authority has set aside approximately $2.5 million to assist in completing public improvements related to selected affordable housing projects in the area. Interested developers or development organizations are requested to submit a letter of interest along with support information no later than 12:00pm CST of July 31, 2020. More information regarding the Request for Interest, including eligible projects, forms of assistance, and requirements for a complete letter of interest can be found at:

Questions concerning this Request for Interest, submission requirements, or the review process, as well as other pertinent information should be directed to:

Don Huml, Project Manager for the Authority
Hawes Hill & Associates
Phone. 713.882.3360