By Christina Autry

Your childhood favorite sandwich is making a reappearance in a jaw-dropping way, right in your backyard. Houston’s Twisted Grilled Cheese truck recently opened its second location in none other than the Five Corners District. Taking up residence in The Power Center parking lot, this truck serves up cheesy goodness Thursday through Saturday from 11-9PM, and Sunday from 11-7PM.

Erinne Willrich opened her first wildly popular Twisted Grilled Cheese location at the Galleria Food Truck Park about one year ago. “We have an entrepreneurial spirit,” Willrich says. “We wanted to make something that people of all age and cultures will love. Plus, I love cheese,” she laughs. “We decided to take it to another level, and put our own twist on it.”

With over 55,000 followers on Instagram, Twisted Grilled Cheese sandwiches live up to the deliciousness captured on their feed. From the “TGC 5 Cheese Classic” to the top-selling “Smokehouse Brisket” these sandwiches are grilled to crispy perfection and overflowing with gooey cheese. The “Twisted Burger” turns an Angus beef patty into an amazing hamburger-grilled cheese fusion. Recipes were developed in-house, after “a lot of research,” says Willrich.

But the fun doesn’t stop with savory sandwiches; no, the TGC truck entices customers with their Sweet Brie or Cheesecake gourmet dessert sandwiches. With ingredients like Apple Butter, or Cream Cheese Mousse, as well as Hand-Spun Milkshakes, it’s hard to ignore your sweet tooth.

The truck includes halal options, with their Halal Philly Grilled Cheesesteak and the Halal Philly Grilled Chicken. With any sandwich that you decide on, you can count on an Instagram-worthy cheese pull, if you can hold off from diving right in.

 “We’re big on presentation and consistency between our locations regardless of the day or time,” says Willrich. “With social media, having a picture-worth product is very important to us. Our customers are eating with their eyes on Instagram, and when they try it, it looks just the way it does online.”

After the success of their Galleria location, which draws crowds from around the city, TGC was “looking at other locations, and The Power Center made the most sense. Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell reached out to us and invited us to come here,” says Willrich. “This is a convenient location for our customers in the area, including Pearland, Sugar Land, and Missouri City.”

The Power Center parking lot has become a Food Truck Park on weekends (Thursday through Sunday), with about ten trucks regularly showing up.

Ordering in advance through is recommended to avoid wait time once you arrive at the truck. You can also order through DoorDash, and GrubHub. They cater, too, helping you make your special event a whole lot cheesier.


The Power Center
12401 S Post Oak Dr. Houston TX 77045