Mayor Turner stopped for a picture taking event with Adtinc’s Technology Summer Camp students. Students flew drones and drone cameras were used to take pictures of the Mayor and the students.

Technology Summer Camp is designed to entice and educate young people about the importance of science and technology and help them follow a career path towards technology/engineering where most high paying jobs are found.

A massive opportunity gap exists between the children of the poor and the rich. This gap or lack of access to technology prevents children of the poor from participating in path- changing programs such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). To bridge this gap, we are offering STEM related classes in 3D printing, Robotics, Electronic circuits, Coding and more to inspire students and to create opportunities.

To sign up for remaining classes, please leave a voice message at 713-396-2621 or email to [email protected] or sign up by visiting our website at Technology Summer-Camp-registration. The classes are free and are taught by volunteer teachers and professionals in their respective field.