Locke Solutions’ core values of integrity, service, quality, and employee development make them a valuable addition to the Five Corners Management District. “Simply stated, we do the right thing. This does not necessarily make all decisions easy but it clarifies what the correct decision is,” said Asher Kazmann, President.

It is that dedication to “doing the right thing” that resulted in Locke Solutions receiving a Business Recognition Award for supporting the Management District’s efforts to make and keep the community safer, cleaner and greener.

Mr. Kazmann has been in the precast concrete business for more than 15 years. “I’ve spent my entire professional career in the precast concrete business with various job functions related to structural engineering and Computer Aided Design, quality control management, production management, safety administration, and sales and marketing,” he said.

Locke Solutions designs and manufactures precast concrete products and miscellaneous metal fabricated products primarily for the commercial and industrial markets. The business began with just a few employees and a warehouse near Hobby Airport in January 2013. In August 2017, Locke Solutions moved into a 56,000 square-foot facility in the Five Corners Management District and currently employs around 45 people.

Mr. Kazmann’s MBA from the University of Houston helped him to recognize that while his business is tied directly to the construction market, having the technical and manufacturing capabilities to shift focus between different markets would give Locke Solutions the flexibility to react to developing market trends. The relatively low cost of capital today makes investment in infrastructure more of a focus for the developers and private companies that Locke Solutions serves.

Locke Solutions approaches precast concrete from a slightly different angle. “Often we are asked to redesign a cast-in-place concrete element into an alternative precast design,” said Mr. Kazmann. “This normally results in similar material costs but substantially fewer safety issues, shorter schedule duration, less weather risks, and less manpower needed onsite versus your typical cast-in-place situation.”

Those are the very benefits that have Mr. Kazmann expecting to see steady growth in his business over the next several years. It is also one of the reasons Locke Solutions moved to the larger location in Five Corners Management District. The very nature of precast manufacturing makes it difficult for foreign companies to compete with Locke Solutions. However, that doesn’t mean that Mr. Kazmann is sitting back. “We will continue to advance the precast industry with new designs, leading technology and help create safer and more valuable methods of building our communities.”

That commitment to community is what led Mr. Kazmann to move into the Five Corners Management District. “The location was ideal for our employees and for access to major highways,” said Mr. Kazmann, “The neighborhood clearly has goals and a vision to improve the area for businesses and residents and we’re glad to be a part of that movement.”

Mr. Kazmann and Locke Solutions has shown that they are dedicated to helping the Five Corners Management District meet those goals and realize that vision.