HISD held a Madison High School Community Bond meeting to brief community stakeholders on the design schematics for the new school which is being built under the District’s 2012 bond program.

As proposed by HISD, the new Madison High School will face West Orem Dr. instead of its current location along White Heather Dr. HISD expressed that this new defined entrance will integrate the new school into the community.

Madison HSMorris Architects and District K’s Architechnics/3, Incorporated has been assigned to design this $82.7 million project. The school entrance will be flanked by a three-story academic wing to the east and performing arts and community spaces to the west. The gym and athletics area would be located to the northeast. Morris Architects praised the collaborative process involving the Madison High School Project Advisory Team (PAT), the school leadership, and HISD staff in the development of the design, which will also feature natural light and integrated technology.

The design team plans to continue to refine the entrance of the school to make it more identifiable from the current West Orem Dr. entrance. The two-story foyer will double as a dining commons and large gathering space.

“Since it will be another 50 years until we do this again, it has to be right for the community, as well as for the operation of the school,” stated Council Member Green, who is a 1983 graduate of Madison High School.