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CenterPoint Energy continues to monitor weather conditions, as it is forecasted that the greater Houston area will be experiencing cold temperatures in the coming days. Safety is CenterPoint Energy’s top priority. The company is preparing for the upcoming weather conditions and wants customers to be prepared as well.

CenterPoint Energy encourages customers to have an emergency plan, particularly if they depend on electricity for life-sustaining equipment and natural gas or electricity to heat their homes. The company is offering these tips to ensure safety and adequate heating in the coming days:

Natural gas:

  • Make sure your heating system is working properly. Malfunctioning home heating equipment can cause a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Check outside furnace vents aren’t blocked by snow or ice. Keep your furnace filter clean for safe, efficient operation.
  • Use space heaters safely. Use a space heater with an automatic shut-off feature, and keep children, pets and all items at least three feet away. A space heater using gas, propane or wood should be vented to the outside. Stoves and ovens should never be used for space heating.
  • Check your carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarms. These devices are essential to warn you of a fire or dangerous condition involving a furnace, water heater, fireplace or stove. Test your alarms monthly and change batteries as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Immediately report a suspected natural gas leak. If you smell the “rotten egg” odor of natural gas, immediately leave on foot, go to a safe location and call both 911 and CenterPoint Energy at 713-659-2111 or 800-752-8036. Don’t use electric switches/outlets, phones (including cell phones), drive or start a car inside or in close proximity to the location, or do anything that could cause a spark.

Energy Efficiency

Cold temperatures also mean increased energy usage. CenterPoint Energy recommends the following tips for more efficient heating:

Furnace: A furnace is the largest natural gas-consuming appliance.

  • Set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees. If possible, set it at 65 degrees when you are home and 60 degrees when you are away from home.
  • Lowering your thermostat can help you save on your annual heating costs. Installing a programmable thermostat can help you automatically control your heat usage. Add on extra layers of clothing to keep warm.
  1. Change your air filters monthly. A dirty filter restricts airflow and can increase the operating cost of your furnace by as much as 10 percent. A good reminder is to change the filter each time you receive your natural gas bill.

Other appliances: Although they consume less natural gas, you can still maximize their efficiency.

  1. Run your washing machine, dish washer and gas dryer only with full loads.

Make your home more airtight and keep cold air outside:

  1. Seal leaks around doors, windows, and other openings such as pipes or ducts, with caulk or weather-stripping. The most common places where air escapes in homes are floors, walls, ceilings, ducts, fireplaces, plumbing penetrations, doors, windows, fans, vents and electrical outlets.
  2. If it has been a while, consider adding more insulation in your attic.
  3. On sunny days, open draperies and blinds to let the sun’s warmth in. Close them at night to insulate against the cold air outside.


Winter weather can result in downed power lines in isolated areas. Always assume downed lines or wires are energized and potentially dangerous if contacted.

  • ​Do not go near downed lines or fallen wires.
  • Keep your distance from objects touching downed lines (tree limbs, vehicles, fences, etc.).
  • If someone is actively being shocked due to contact with a power line, do not try to rescue them – you can’t help if you become a victim. Instead, call 911 immediately.
  • Report downed power lines to 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143.
  • Never use an electricity generator inside your home or any other building.

Since the February 2021 winter storm, CenterPoint Energy has taken additional steps and measures to ensure the company is ready and prepared for winter weather across greater Houston and surrounding communities. In addition, CenterPoint Energy is closely monitoring grid conditions and information from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

For the latest information on power outages:




DEADLINE – FRIDAY February 4, 2022  | Harris County Precinct One Leadership Experience & Employment (L.E.E.) Internship Program  

Our L.E.E. Internship Program is accepting applications from full-time undergraduate student (12 or more earned credit hours) for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. This program places Houston area students in internship positions in Harris County departments and private firms! It has been our goal to place students in positions within those departments/divisions relating to their major course of college studies, when possible. If you know of students who could benefit from such a program! Click the link for more information Find application here: LEE Application Form

DEADLINE – TUESDAY February 22, 2022 @ 2pm | Harris County Department of Education Center for Afterschool, Summer and Enrichment (CASE) for Kids Youth Services for Afterschool and Summer 2022 Request for Proposal (RFP)

It’s that time of the year again! HCDE CASE for Kids, supports nonprofit organizations with 501c3 status that address the need for youth services during the summer. Initiatives funded by the CASE for Kids County Connections program can provide comprehensive summer programs, short term projects and summer camps hosted in-person or virtually from a variety of locations including schools, community centers, apartment complexes and churches.  In addition, organizations are eligible to apply for synchronous or asynchronous college and career readiness initiatives for older youth to be delivered virtually through CASE for Kids LevelUp online learning platform.

Learn more and apply here: CASE for Kids Information & Application

DEADLINE – FRIDAY February 25, 2022  | HOME-American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) Survey (5-10 minutes to complete)

As part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”), the US Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded Harris County $16,747,366 in HOME-ARP funds to provide housing, services, and shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations. Over the coming months, Harris County wants to hear from you! Your opinion is important to us, and we need your help! We are  engaging the community and organizations through various ways such as surveys. Participating in our survey is a great way for you to offer recommendations for funding and services for people experiencing homelessness, at-risk-of homeless, fleeing domestic violence, or otherwise at-risk of housing instability in your community. Additional engagement to look forward to include community and focus group meetings, review of the Harris County Allocation Plan, and have a public hearing to intake feedback.

There are two (2) surveys to choose from:

Community Feedback Survey (Residents Only): 

Organization/Stakeholder Feedback Survey (Organizations Only):
Lean more about the HOME-American Rescue Plan here: HOME-ARP




MONDAY February 7, 2022 | 6PM-7PM | Houston Southwest Livable Centers Study Virtual Public Meeting #2 (flyer attached)

YOU’RE INVITED! The Office of City of Houston District K, Hiram Clarke Ft. Bend Redevelopment Authority, 5 Corners Improvements District and South Post Oak Redevelopment Authority invited you to attend the 2nd public meeting regarding the Houston Southwest Livable Centers Study.

The goals of the Livable Centers Program are to facilitate the creation of walkable, mixed-use places that provide multi-modal transportation options, improve environmental quality, and promote economic development.

This meeting will virtually take place via Zoom. Register with the link and we look forward to seeing you virtually! Registration Link 

Meeting ID: 828 3671 5367
Passcode: 213557