This week, we passed SB 3 out of the Texas Senate. SB 3 would give teachers a $5,000 pay increase. We also voted for an amendment that gives a pay raise to librarians as well. We entrust teachers with our children every day to mold their minds and keep them safe. Teachers do yeoman’s work to educate our children. Many purchase school supplies out of their own pocket, have second jobs and live paycheck to paycheck, just to do the job they love. They deserve equitable pay.

However, educating our children goes beyond the classroom. Administrative and support staff like bus drivers, nurses, janitors, cafeteria workers and counselors deserve increased compensation as well.

While I am very pleased that SB 3 passed the Senate, there is still more work to be done to ensure that all school employees are paid fairly. I look forward to working with my colleagues and represent school employees.

Standing Against Voter Suppression – Voting No on TX Secretary of State David Whitley

Last week, I voted no on David Whitley’s confirmation for Texas Secretary of State in the Senate Nominations Committee. The actions taken by the SOS is a voter suppression tactic that has been utilized for decades against minority communities.

Unfortunately, Whitley’s nomination passed in committee on a 4-3 party-line vote. I will continue to oppose his nomination if it comes up on the Senate Floor.

Honoring Black Excellence

I honored NASA’s Johnson Space Center Deputy Director Vanessa Wyche. She is 30-year NASA veteran and JSC’s first African American Deputy Director. Vanessa is also a passionate STEM advocate who devotes her time visiting schools of all levels to encourage students to pursue STEM fields. Congratulations Vanessa!