Dear Parent,

The Greater Houston Police Activities League (GHPAL) and Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) are teaming up to provide year-round Youth Sports Programming in 13 neighborhood parks.

Young people, ages 9-17, will learn new sports skills in flag football, basketball, baseball, and soccer while receiving mentoring in leadership development and healthy living by GHPAL and HPARD staff. This program and all equipment are FREE.

The program will be held the weeks of September 23rd through November 21st. Online registration will be held September 13-20. Click below to view program offerings by activity number on the HPARD website:

North Wayside (ages 9-12) Activity #6971
North Wayside (ages 13-17) Activity #6973
Sunnyside (ages 9-12) Activity #6974
Sunnyside (ages 13-17) Activity #6984
Alief (ages 9-12) Activity #6975
Alief (ages 13-17) Activity #6985
Townwood (ages 9-12) Activity #6976
Townwood (ages 13-17) Activity #6986
Mason (ages 9-12) Activity #6977
Mason (ages 13-17) Activity #6987
Crain (ages 9-12) Activity #6978
Crain (ages 13-17) Activity #6988
Emancipation (ages 9-12) Activity #6979
Emancipation (ages 13-17) Activity #6989
Moody (ages 9-12) Activity #6980
Moody (ages 13-17) Activity #6990
Clark (ages 9-12) Activity #6981
Clark (ages 13-17) Activity #6991
Beverly Hills (ages 9-12) Activity #6982
Beverly Hills (ages 13-17) Activity #6992
Marian (ages 9-12) Activity #6983
Marian (ages 13-17) Activity #6993

Use the above activity numbers for a quicker search on our website.

For more information call Tjasia Roach at 832-395-7271 or Tricia Brown at 713-308-3200.

FLAG FOOTBALL: This instructional Development Class focuses on teaching the fundamental skills of flag football while providing a safe environment to grow in the sport. Kids will learn sport-specific skills, such as throwing, catching, flag pulling, defense, agility, and speed. In addition, they will learn motor skills development, fitness conditioning, and have opportunities for healthy competition. GHPAL officers will also mentor youth in leadership and healthy living. Equipment is provided to all participants. Free!

This program is led by the City of Houston Greater Houston Police Activities League (GHPAL) at designated HPARD parks.