The 2020 Census is here!
Every 10 years, the census counts how many people are in our community to decide how much federal funding and representation we should receive. Households have begun receiving invitations in the mail to take the census. The census is only 9 responses and takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is available in 13 languages and can be completed by phone, by mail, or online. Your responses are completely confidential.
A complete and accurate census count is critical for our community. Census results show where communities need new schools, clinics, roads and other services benefiting families, older adults and children. They help decide federal funding for disaster recovery, mental health services, medical benefits programs, education programs and much more. When you’re counted in the census, you’re helping to build a better community.
Visit to learn more. Complete the census and claim the most for our community. Say YES to the Census 2020. You deserve to be counted!