Water Bill Improvement Plan
Announced for Houstonians

Houstonians have been concerned about their water bills and there has been a constant effort to make sure we are sending out correct bills. Yesterday, Mayor Whitmire announced several reforms to prevent erroneous water bills, clean up structural issues within current billing/customer service operations, and ensure that water bills are correct.

Changes include the replacement of all non-functioning remote read devices and installing these devices on the meters that do not have them. This will ensure accurate readings so that bills will no longer be estimated. It is a huge step towards restoring trust and transparency in the system.

This comprehensive approach incorporates components of council member discussions as well as budget amendments that have been presented. We are all looking forward to a fair and more accurate process with these immediate changes.


What’s Changing?

Starting April 1, 2024, single-family residential customers will notice a significant shift in their water bills. A set usage will now be calculated for their water consumption, reflected in their May bill. This change aims to offer consistency to customers while HPW works on enhancing the accuracy of future monthly water usage readings.

Why Was This Change Necessary?

The previous billing system left much to be desired, riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies that left customers frustrated and confused. Numerous calls flooded our office from residents grappling with unusually high bills or those not aligning with their actual water usage. This new system directly addresses these issues.

What the City Aims For

With the introduction of set usage calculation, customers can anticipate more predictable water bills each month, avoiding any financial surprises. By prioritizing accurate readings and implementing necessary improvements, HPW is dedicated to fostering trust with its customers and streamlining the billing process for everyone involved.

Introducing the Improvement Plan Dashboard by the City of Houston!

Stay informed about your water usage effortlessly with this online tool. Track the progress of residential account replacements by neighborhood or check your individual account status in a snap.

Need clarity on your water bills? The Dashboard is your go-to resource for answers and assistance. With usage information at your fingertips, verifying bill accuracy and reporting discrepancies is now simpler than ever. Dive in and stay in the know!

Click the link to view the dashboard: https://www.houstonpublicworks.org/improvewaterbills

Customers with questions about their updated bill should call 713.371.1400 or email i[email protected].

Click the link to view the Mayor’s press conference: https://www.facebook.com/HoustonTelevision/videos/7521350357928650

The District K Team is available to assist you if you have any further questions or concerns. Let’s keep working together to make Houston better everyday!