stadiumEarlier this month, City Council established the Stadium Park Redevelopment Authority, which is a Local Government Corporation (LGC). The purpose of the Authority will be to enhance the various corridors around the NRG Reliant complex park with general improvements in the form of landscaping and street improvement such as lighting, signage, and way-finding graphics. Private funds will be actively sought and interlocal agreements entered into with other governmental agencies as needed. The Authority will serve as a catalyst to encourage adjacent property owners and/or institutions to improve their properties.

“I feel this initiative will bring long standing improvements to the surrounding community and will further foster economic development for the NRG Reliant area,” states Council Member Green.

The Authority will initially focus on enhancements in conjunction with the upcoming Super Bowl scheduled for February 2017. The LGC will continue to operate after the 2017 Super Bowl to allow for the organization to promote fundraising efforts to accomplish ongoing longer term improvements, including maintenance.