Last year, the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Dept. (PWE) completed the neighborhood street reconstruction project — NSR 451, collectively encompasses the neighborhoods of Knollwood Village and the southern portion of Braeswood Place (south of B rays Bayou). The City of Houston PWE Street and Drainage Division has completed the remaining streets within Knollwood Village subdivision with an asphalt pavement that was not part of the overall NSR 451 project.

Prior to the start of this overlay project, the District K office facilitated an informational meeting at Linkwood Park Community Center. Overall, the turnout was great and the meeting was very informative. The purpose of this informational meeting was to allow the PWE Street and Drainage Division staff to fully address this upcoming overlay project and allow attendees to respond and address this project.

The only street not included in the overlay project was Linkwood Dr. between Buffalo Speedway to Timberside. This segment of Linkwood Dr. has already been included as part of the overall Westridge Storm Drainage Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project currently programmed for 2019 and will be completely reconstructed (including new infrastructure, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks).