Council Member, District K, Larry Green and the Five Corners District have partnered with the City of Houston and UpArt Studios to have local artists turn electrical boxes in the district into mini works of art!

Completed mini-murals include –

South Post Oak @ Tidewater
by Artist: Shelbi-Nicole
West Fuqua @ South Post Oak
by Artist: Shelbi-Nicole
West Orem @ White Heather Dr
by Artist: Pilot FX
West Orem @ Croquet
by Artist: Wiley Robertson
Hiram Clarke @ South Main
by Artist: Anat Ronen
West Fuqua @ Hiram Clarke
by Artist: Anat Ronen
West Fuqua @ White Heather Dr
by Artist: w3r3on3 is in progress

Pending locations include –
South Post Oak Rd. @ West Orem (South)
Post Oak @ Fuqua Gardens View
West Fuqua @ Almeda (West)
Orem @ Hiram Clarke (West)
Fuqua @ Buffalo Speedway

Stop by any of the upcoming locations and see the Artists at work! You can also follow changes via Facebook and Twitter by visiting the Five Corners website ( and click on the social media buttons in the top right hand corner.