On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Five Corners District and TIRZ 9 and 25 we’d like to thank you for attending our community engagement event on August 15 for the 5 Projects to Follow. Special thanks to the office of Council Member Castex-Tatum and the SHCCC for their assistance with the event and keeping the community informed of these important projects.

We have created a page at 5CornnersDistrict.org/5ProjectsToFollow so that you can track the progress of the projects, see renderings, and share within your circle of influence.

As we move forward should you have any questions regarding the projects please feel free to reach out to Five Corners District General Manager, Ben Brewer [email protected] or Project Manager, Don Huml [email protected].

We will host another meeting on October 17 and details for that meeting will be shared by us and our partners via upcoming e-blasts. Event details are also at the Five Corners District website. Thanks again for attending and for sharing the upcoming meeting with your contacts so we can reach as many people as possible and share these exciting projects underway in the community!