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The Windsor Village Church: Building The Kingdom of God on Earth

Irv White attended his first service at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in 1993. He had recently moved to Houston to become a local television news reporter, and was casting around for a church to join. “A lot of people were talking about Windsor, that there was this dynamic preacher over there—a mover and shaker,” White remembered. “Everyone said that they were doing things, they were making a difference.” The Sunday morning service he attended was packed from wall to wall with worshipers— “busting at the seams,” he said. What he experienced more than justified what...
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Fast-Growing Fountain of Praise Church Thrives on Community Spirit

Exterior.2 In 1991, when Reverend Remus E. Wright was appointed the pastor of Southwest Houston’s Fountain of Praise Church on the corner of South Post Oak and West Orem Drive, the congregation had a grand total of around 100 members. A quarter century later, Fountain of Praise is now one of Houston’s largest churches, with almost 25,000 members on its rolls and an average weekly attendance around 8,000. Each of the church’s two Sunday-morning services led by Pastor Wright regularly fill the 3,000-seat sanctuary to capacity and beyond...
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