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Council Member Green Rolls Out Over $500 Million in Public Investments for the Hiram Clarke Community

Council Member Green hosted a Hiram Clarke Economic Development and Community Summit on October 12, 2013 at the Brentwood Baptist Church Joe Samuel Ratliff Lifelong Learning Center located within the Hiram Clarke community.  investmentDuring the summit, Council Member Green highlighted current and proposed capital improvement projects planned for the Hiram Clarke area which totals more than $500 million in public investments. Such projects include the new HISD schools planned via the 2012 HISD bond passage, the planned capital improvement projects of Buffalo Speedway, Holmes Rd, Kirby Dr., US 90A enhancements, a new...
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SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, November 16 – Brays Oaks Fun Fall Fest

fun Fall Festival Council Member Larry Green, in conjunction with Council Member Mike Laster, the Brays Oaks District, Southwest Houston 2000, US Congressman Al Green, and the Riceville Mt. Olive Church, will sponsor a Brays Oaks community festival on Saturday, November 16 at Marian Park, 11000 South Gessner Rd. (directly behind St. Albert Catholic Church). Participants will include social service providers, governmental agencies (i.e. City, County, State, etc.), health mobile units, plus entertainment and fun activities for families. The Brays Oaks District will assist with notification of the upcoming festival through their vast...
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District K Facilitates Neighborhood 101 Symposium: How to Run an Effective Civic Board

The District K council office facilitated another series of the Neighborhood 101 Symposiums last month to better connect District K community leaders to resources affecting the viability of their neighborhood. Neighborhood 101 SymposiumThe September Neighborhood 101 symposium was held at the South Gessner HPD Substation and addressed How to Run an Effective Civic Board. Dr. Ronnie Hagerty from the United Way of Greater Houston facilitated the workshop discussion and offered tips and techniques to fine-tune the roles and responsibilities of a civic leader. Because the community room at the substation limited the...
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