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5 Corners District Brochure Available to Download

5Corners-District-2014-brochureYou can now download our latest brochure. You can learn about the district's purpose and get an overview of it's profile including demographics, housing, education, economic and social structure.   [button text="Download" link="" style="primary" size="large" target="_blank" display="inline" icon="no"]...
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Small Business Program Networking Forum, March 19

The Port of Houston Authority Small Business Program Networking Forum presents

2014 PHA Capital Improvement Projects and Subcontracting Opportunities

Port_of_HoustonWednesday, March 19, 2014 4:30 PM - 5:3 PM Port of Houston Executive Office Building 111 East 610 Loop North Houston, TX 77029 (Take Exit 29 from the 610 East Loop)
PHA Engineering will present a brief overview of all anticipated projects. You will also learn how your company may become a registered small business vendor with the Port Authority; hear about current and upcoming projects at the Port; interact with Port Authority staff, and network with prime contractors,...
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Homebuilders and developers tour prime properties in Five Corners

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About 30 Houston homebuilders and real estate developers took a bus ride around Southwest Houston on Friday, March 7, courtesy of the Five Corners Improvement District and Houston City Councilman Larry V. Green.

5 cornrs BOMD meeting tourmapGreen led the tour that showcased the best of what District K has to offer, as well as 27 properties primed for single-family residential development in Five Corners and at least nine more in adjacent neighborhoods.

Companies represented on the bus tour included Gromax, Arete Real Estate and Development, Chester Engineers, Beazer Homes, Grand View Builders, DHK Development, George E. Johnson Development, and Coleman Realty. Also included were Liberty Homes, Leland Woods, Vanity Homes, Guess Group, Cernus Development, Womack Development, Cerritos Custom Homes, Contemporary Garden Homes and Interloop Homes, the Greater Houston Builders Association, and Liberty Bank and Trust Mortgage Division.

Throughout the tour, Councilman Green’s Chief of Staff Donald Perkins pointed out area highlights and proposed projects. These included the planned extension of Buffalo Speedway, the regional county park on West Orem near the Fort Bend Tollway, the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center on West Fuqua and the site of the proposed Olivet University Biblical College across the street, the $17 million new Houston Police Department substation in Cambridge Village Park, and the coming facelift for South Main with new lighting in preparation for Houston hosting the 2017 Super Bowl.

Afterwards, the developers were treated to a lunch at the Power Center, video presentations, and additional demographic information about the District, including comparative per capita crime statistics showing the area as one of the safest in the city.

Westbury Square

The owner of Westbury Square was ordered by the City of Houston to demolish the remaining dilapidated structures that were once a part of this vibrant shopping center. Cindy Chapman, Director and Past-President of the Westbury Civic Club, notes "The Westbury community has been frustrated for years about the condition of these neglected buildings. We thank Council Member Larry Green, Mayor Annise Parker, the City of Houston Legal Department, and the many people in the City who have steadfastly and doggedly pursued this problem for years. We are hopeful that these improvements will be a catalyst for change since Westbury...
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