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Service, Improvement, and Assessment Plan for 2015-2035

5Corners-District-2015-titleDownload our Service, Improvement, and Assessment Plan for 2015-2035. This document represents a Twenty-Year Plan (2015-2035), which sets forth a vision, mission, goals to be achieved, services to be rendered, and improvements to be made in support and to the benefit of the property owners within Five Corners Improvement District. In addition, this document outlines costs and a proposal for funding the plan for the area comprised by the District....
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Around the Corner – Spring 2015 Newsletter


Download the Spring 2015 edition of our 5 Corners Newsletter.

  • A Word from the Chair
  • Photos from our Holiday Special
  • Seeing Progress in our District - A Word from Council Member Larry Green
  • Environmental & Urban Design Committee Notes
  • Photos from Klean it up, Green it up
  • Keeping the District Clean a& Green
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Litter Abatement
  • Outage Reporting: Street Lights
  • HPD Debunks High Crime Stats... Again
  • Five Corners Committee Meetings
  • Introducing our Business Ambassador - Ms Vivian Harris
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Environmental & Urban Design Committee notes Year’s Accomplishments

Melva Thornton, chairwoman of the Five Corner’s Management District’s Environmental and Urban Design Committee, is pleased with the improvements spearheaded by her committee over the past year.

[blockquote]“We are just trying to make improvements overall so we can attract businesses who want to settle here.” — Melva Thornton, Environmental and Urban Design Committee Chairwoman[/blockquote] “We’ve continued to keep the community clean by using our de-litter crew and have looked at expanding the number of streets that we de-litter. We haven’t added any streets as yet, but that’s something we hope to achieve this coming year, budget permitting.” Print Read more

HPD debunks high crime stats… again

In Five Corners District, Houston Police Department officers continue to work in tandem with the officers of S.E.A.L. Security contracted by the District to maintain an active law enforcement presence, and to deter and enforce crime. In December of 2013, Chief Buenik, reported that the District crime rate was much lower than many parts of Houston contrary to what many in the community think. In 2014 this trend continued.
”The updated report for 2014 continues to prove what we have been saying all along, our community is one of the safest in Houston. We just have to get the word out...
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