HPD debunks high crime stats

HPD officers continue to work with the officers of S.E.A.L. Security contracted by the District to maintain an active law enforcement presence and to deter crime In the Five Corners District.

At the December meeting of the board of directors, S.E.A.L. Operations Supervisor Paul Reese gave an updated report on his team’s activities in the area. This included responding to reports of: suspicious persons in the neighborhoods, vagrants in an abandoned hospital on Fuqua, a disoriented male found walking on the highway who was transported to Ben Taub Hospital, vehicle collisions, and stolen vehicles. Reese also reported that there has been a...
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South Post Oak Recycling Center celebrates 20 years

It was May 1994 when Freddie Robinson decided to launch his own business on a patch of empty land in the 14600 block of South Post Oak.

post oak recycling center“We were literally in the dirt,” said Robinson, who had previously worked for Reynolds Aluminum Recycling. A building was erected, then several additions were made, and the business of recycling non-ferrous metals and electronics began to thrive. Now, the success of the South Post Oak Recycling Center has led to a second location on Holmes Road. It’s a family business which Robinson expects...
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Board reviews final Master Plan for Environmental Design

At the final 2013 Five Corners Board of Directors meeting in December, Keiji Asakura of the planning and urban design firm, Asakura Robinson, presented the completed Environmental Design Master Plan for the District.

The plan, which Asakura described as “consistent, legible, and easy to maintain,” would cost a total of $15 to $22 million to implement, covering branding, commercial development, parks and green spaces, pedestrian and bike trails, street connectivity, and access to Sims Bayou. Visibility and branding would be addressed in the form of larger street signs at 24 major intersections or highways and smaller signs in 150 secondary intersections. Read more

New board member Edna Deauvearo has long history of community service

New to the Five Corners board of directors, Edna Deauvearo is certainly not new to serving her community. She has been an active volunteer and contributor since she graduat ed from Texas Southern University with a degree in business education.

edna2The four-year scholarship she received from the George Foundation carried a stipulation that she major in nursing or education, and Deauvearo said her aversion to the sight of blood made the decision for her. She earned a teaching certificate, but the Simonton native first entered the workforce through the business community. She spent...
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