TIRZ providing funding for Five Corners projects

Making improvements to a community and its infrastructure requires more than careful planning — it requires a funding source. That’s why the Five Corners District is excited that the Houston City Council has created the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). Five Corners’ board of directors and staff have been working with the City of Houston and with Councilman Larry Green to develop a project plan and finance plan for the creation of the TIRZ with the potential for bringing in dollars to fund more than $100 million in needed infrastructure projects over the next 30 years, David Hawes, Five Corners General...
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Five Corners Education Opportunity

The Five Corners District is home to 11 HISD campuses, many of which have been deemed “recognized” or “exemplary” schools by the Texas Education Agency. Eight HISD elementary schools and one K-8 campus: Windsor Village | Hines-Caldwell | Petersen | Almeda | Hobby | Grissom | Montgomery | Fondren Fondren Principal, Mike Walker, won an HEB Excellence award in May, with a $10,000 prize, plus a $25,000 grant for the school. The Imani School provides stimulated early learning for children from six weeks to three years. The MLK Early Childhood Center is part of HISD and offers bilingual and English as a...
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New billboard campaign launched!

When you are out and about driving through the area you will see a new billboard soon which will be installed the week of September 9 and run through the end of the year. The marketing committee wants to make sure that folks know the board of directors is working hard on implementing the vision for the community and that they are in your corner. Look for the new message on Hiram Clarke and West Orem and let us know what you think. Billboard-6 5cornersBB-8 Read more

Councilman Green outlines his distinct vision for Five Corners

When Houston City Councilman Larry Green envisions what the Five Corners community can be in 15 to 20 years, he sees big changes. "I think we'll see several projects by the Medical Center in Five Corners area along Highway 90. We're seeing that now with the Menninger Clinic," he said. "The Medical Center is landlocked now and they're moving south because we have the most open undeveloped land in the city in one area." "You'll also see several new multi-family units, and we're pressing for Class A," Green said. "We're starting to see that happen as well. With Chapter 42 just passing...
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